About Virginia Center for Literary Arts

Sean Murphy, Executive Director

VCLA: Cultivating Creativity & Community


The Virginia Center for Literary Arts is a nonprofit organization seeking to advance the appreciation of and passion for the literary arts through programs that support expression, education, and the sharing of writing and literature.

Our mission is to build and support a dynamic, innovative community that provides established and emerging writers with time and space to create, and the resources to encourage and inspire writers at all stages of their careers.

Located in the historic town of Winchester, Virginia, VCLA serves as a writer’s residency, a writing retreat center, workshop space, a place of learning and creativity, and a vibrant community in support of writing and the literary arts. In addition, it’s a venue for readings, author talks, and events that share and promote the appreciation of literature, art, cuisine and culture.

A year-round operation, VCLA will appeal to attendees whose schedules require flexibility. The center, inclusive by design, welcomes anyone with a desire to write, who is open to joining a group that mutually assists and inspires.

VCLA believes diversity is strength, on the macro level (writing) and micro level (writers). As such, we want to work with fiction writers (very much including playwrights and screenwriters, the more genres the better), poets, and general non-fiction writers (including creative non-fiction, journalists, essayists, reporters, and critics). Our programming and events reflect this big tent sensibility, and we look forward to encouraging and showcasing work that evinces the multitudes literature contains.

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